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COVID letter to patients

Dear Patients and families,

We are happy to report that we are finally able to re-open our office. However, due to COVID-19 we have made changes to our appointment and our standard operating procedures.


  1. Please try to arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment
  2. When you arrive DO NOT get out of your car
  3. DO call 519-744-1001 and advise the receptionist you have arrived and what phone number you are calling from
  4. Wait in the car
  5. We will call back and tell you when it is safe to enter
  6. Enter the front door and stop at the counter
  7. Follow the instructions on the sign at the counter
    1. Put your phone away
    2. Use hand sanitizer
    3. If you haven’t already, put on a mask (if do have masks available for $5)
    4. Turn and STOP at the screen door
  8. Once the hallway is clear and safe the receptionist will tell you to go through the door and stand on the floor decal in front of the counter
  9. You will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 including having your temperature taken by a no-touch forehead thermometer
  10. If you fail the screening questions and/or have a temperature of 100.4 F or more then for the safety of other patients and staff we will reschedule your appointment
  11. Once you have confirmed your personal information please do not leave the floor decal until the Assistant arrives to take you directly to the pre-test area.

Office Procedures:

The following are some of the changes we have made based on Ministry of Health and Ontario College of Optometrists guidelines:

  • All patients 2 years old and over MUST wear a mask while in the office
  • All patients and essential visitors will be pre-screened for COVID symptoms
  • Optometrists and staff will self-declare their health status at the beginning of each day
  • We have instituted an increase in the frequency and process of disinfecting and cleaning equipment between patients
  • Staff is using and has been instructed on the proper use of PPE
  • Distance safeguards such as shields are being used
  • We are asking drivers and guests of patients to remain in their cars unless the patient is a minor or needs assistance. This will allow us to maintain appropriate social distancing in our office
  • We are not allowing walk-in patients at this time
  • An appointment will now be required when picking up glasses or having an adjustment
  • The washroom will NOT be available at this time so please plan accordingly (ie coffee)